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My voice for PRIM in animation film SUNDOWN - GOBELINS 2020
Animation short film « SUNDOWN » by GOBELINS. I did a voice over for PRIM.

A traditional dance troupe prepares for the opening of the Summer Solstice Festival. The group is scheduled to take the stage in a few minutes, but one member is missing.

Once upon a time in the forest
Discover my new short film "Once upon a time in the forest" with my colleague Altynay Tuganbekova and other films and videos.

Don't read this on a plane
You can see me in a comedy « Don't read this on a plane » directed by Stuart McBratney. I play Jacqui, the owner of a book barge.

"Le Vistemboir" sellected by MK2
Happy to annonce that our lockdown film "Le Vistemboir" was selected by MK2.

I want to thank very much my partner Gaël Coto.

Watch the film in my videos or by the link:

Photos of a young woman in lockdown
Discover my new picture taken in lockdown by my favorite photographer Gaël Coto.
More pictures in the galery.
Liberate me
An impressive role in the new film of Gaël Coto Liberate me, camera by Claude Iverné, music by Evgueni Galperine with Mathéo Capelli and myself. A magi? one minute for the mobile film festival. #Stay4HumanRights

"Je mourrai..." based on the poem of Boris Vian
It was a pleasure to act in this film and to work on the poetry of Boris Vian. Thanks to all the crew and especially to Gaël Coto who proposed me this role.

Film Thwi Velo
Happy to present you a new short film, fantastic comedy, dir Alexey Odintsov.

My new title Miss Power Woman Russia 2017
Miss Power Woman 2017 pageant competition in Domenican Republic 11-18 July

Director Zvyagintsev Wins Jury Prize for New Film 'Loveless' at 70th Cannes FILm Festival
My first role in a Russian feature film. My congratulations to the whole crew and the director. I'm looking forward to working with Andrey again soon.

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